What is Chinese bracelet beads meaning

Chinese bracelets beads are one of the traditional accessories for Chinese believing in spirituality. Not only are these bracelets suitable for women, but also suitable for men. The design of Chinese bracelet beads meaning is elegant and simple. Today, the healers used this one to make stuff for choosing when they read the tarot. Besides the red string bracelet, there are a lot of types of bracelets that also have a special meaning in China

I. What is Chinese bracelet beads meaning?

The Chinese bead bracelets are considered to be powerful symbols in Feng Shui and Chinese culture. Each of red string to make into the bracelet represent the magnet attracting luck, love, and health. The belief of people who have the religion of Buddha is more popular. For attracting your soul mate or to make your partner come back to your life again.

In India, red is the color of Sunday representing the sun god Surya- who was born on this day. In addition, they also wear good luck bracelets with mangatike, necklaces, earrings, nose rings, and bangles. For all of these purposes, these bracelets as a magnet attracting luck, wealth, and prosperity for its owner. 

By these meaning, Chinese bracelet beads meaning are a symbol of luck and wealth. The use of this one is igniting your unlucky and negative thoughts all day. Perhaps, it also represents cowardice and prudence. A doctrine that conforms to society’s standards and ethics is respected and protected by law. The traditional Chinese bracelet will have black obsidian stone. This is because in Feng Shui, the black is associated with water, which is associated with the flow of good things into your life.  It is a good practice to wear them frequently because it  allows the beads to interact with your body’s magnetic field.

II. Chinese bracelet beads meaning in Buddhism

The Chinese are a big fan of charm, amulets, colors, and numbers. Everything on earth has some meaning associated with or derived from it. This one represents luck and abundance in Buddhism. Wearing a Chinese good luck bracelet helps you eliminate bad energy negative thoughts, and having a good life. It offers total protection against any negative energy and evil thought. Moreover, the charm has the power to transform negative energy into positive energy. More than that, these bracelets are made of materials that tie to specific elements of Feng Shui and the spiritual world, which means that as long as the bracelet is made correctly and you set your intentions, then the bracelet will work for you.

Feng Shui bracelet with Gold Charm

No matter what region you are in, any kind of region also can wear this Chinese bracelet. It is a luck beads bracelet. Especially, Chinese bracelets beads meaning is quite easy to clean. You just need by Specialized jewelry cleaner or mild soap to preserve the charm of the charm and the color of the bracelet.

III. Uses of Chinese bracelet

There is some reasons why these bracelets are being loved like that. Not only is it an accessory for beauty, but it is also the thing to protect from evil for yourself. Wearing Chinese bracelet help attract luck and prosperity for wear also is a symbol of Eastern culture.

Firstly, this bracelet is stuff that people use during meditation time. The connection between specific elements of Feng Shui and the spiritual world. This could be set your intentions and then the bracelet will work for you.

Secondly, This one is an amulet to protect from bad energy and negativity for the newborn. Parents buying this string for the baby can help them having good sleeping. Due to the power inner the bracelet, ghosts, evil, and negativity can not attach the baby. 

Thirdly, the Feng Shui stone with each bracelet has a different meaning which is suitable for each of destiny. Moreover, each color represent good things in your life. It means, especially in wealth and abundance. This one is a good present for birthdays, anniversaries, longevity,… It is also a beautiful accessory that is suitable for many types of clothes. You should have one to make your daily outfif become more and more elegant. 

Red lucky string Bracelet with Agarmoon charm


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