Agarmoon Agarwood Beaded Bracelet With Silver S925 – Indo VIP

The bracelet is a combination of natural Agarwood, which has been accumulated for more than 10 years, and imported 925 Silver Charms wrapped around feng shui stones that match the destiny to create a bracelet with brilliant colors.

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Sự Kiện Mua Sắm Tại woodenbracelet

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Agarmoon Indo VIP Double Agarwood Bracelets

Find the way to success

Agarmoon agarwood beaded bracelet with silver s925 is one of the best-selling Agarwood bracelets.
Crafted from Agarwood, both from Laos and from Indonesia, the period of Agarwood accumulation is 10-14 years. Usually, bracelets will be made from 50 to 54 beads (can vary depending on the size of the wearer’s hand). The number of beads will be selected based on the rule of the cycle of “birth – old age – illness – death” to bring luck to the owner. It is recommended to choose the number of seeds that are divided by 4 with the remainder of 1. Accordingly, the last seed will fall into the word “birth”.
The Agarwood bracelet is combined with high-grade imported S925 Silver, Minh Nguyet Stone charm with five different colors suitable for each zodiac sign of the five elements: Metal – Wood – Water – Fire – Earth. Perfect to buy for yourself and your family. Especially this is an extremely meaningful gift for my woman with Minh Nguyet Stone.

Charm Minh Nguyet brings what destiny?

Minh Nguyet Tram Agarwood bracelet is a great combination of JEWELRY & feng shui. Like sisters, full of mystery, and charisma!

Agarmoon Indo VIP Charm Blue Agarwood Agarwood Ring – Water/Wool’s Fate

Agarmoon Indo VIP Charm Green Agarwood Agarwood Ring – Fire/Wool’s Fate

Agarmoon Indo VIP Charm Red Agarwood Agarwood Ring – Fire/Earth’s Fate

Agarmoon Indo VIP Charm Yellow Agarwood Agarwood Ring – Metal/Earth’s Fate

Agarmoon Indo VIP Charm Pink Agarwood Agarwood Ring – Fire/Earth’s Fate

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Weight 350 g
Dimensions 90 × 90 × 30 mm

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